In A Wedding, What Do You Call The Groom's Daughter Who Is Standing Up For The Groom? The Bride's Daughters Are Bridesmaids. Should The Groom's Daughter Be A Bridesmaid As Well?


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Actually, she can be what is called an attendant. This is a tradition many have done away with... In old days, brides maids were actually decoys in case someone tried to kidnap the bride to hold for ransom... The position of the best man and attendants were to protect the wedding party... Specifically the bride and groom.

She would stand beside the best man on her father's side. If you decided to have an extra bit of ceremony, you could involve her. For example, my wife and I incorporated the "Rose Ceremony" into our wedding. We traded glass roses with one another as examples of our love and set up a small table in our house with a vase. If either of us is upset, we remove a rose so the other knows something is wrong.

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