Are Me And My Grandma's Brother's Great Grandson Considered 4th Cousins?


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No. You are second cousins, once removed. It goes like this:  

Grandma(Sister)     -   Her (Brother)     
  Her child -   [First Cousins]    His child
(grandchild)You  -  [Second Cousins]  - His child(grandchild)
  You  -  [Second Cousin Once Removed] His child(great grandson)
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Hi Kkhansen, You are spot on with your answer to this, absolutely correct!. Cheers. Family relationships are so interesting with the degree of shared genes, do,nt u think?
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No.  You are second cousins ,once removed.    Your child would be the 3rd cousin to this individual ( the great grandson) .   Then in turn the offspring of these 3rd cousins would be 4th cousins.

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