Does a woman with a larger nose turn men off?


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Every guy wants different from a woman....most of the young guys want a typical hot know blonde/brunette hair , tanned , shiny sexy legs , skimpy clothes..etc..all that crap! But seriously beauty is soo beyond us you'd be surprised!  There are girls and women with large noses that are strikingly beautiful and I'm sure you are too...8) Every guy looks for something different in a woman....I remember when I was younger I saw a good looking guy with a fat girl..first I used to laugh and think "Seriously why is he with her? She is ugly and fat and he is handsome" but now I realise..with love....everything can be beautiful..8) and also because what I may find ugly...may be beautiful to another..that girl was beautiful.I didnt think she was then..I think she is now..but how can I determine who is beautiful and who is not? So I say noo! Not necessarily..its depends on the type of guy..8)
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Well, a lot of people thought of Barbara Streisand as beautiful and she sure had a large nose. Beauty has a lot of different aspects. That's why there's that saying that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder". It truly is.
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Cheryle Masters
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Good answer. I happen to like Babs. She is a beauty in her own way.
Sarah Johnson
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I always thought she was beautiful too. But than large noses are pretty common in jewish families so I'm used to seeing them.
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Sometimes, yes.  Sometimes, no.  If a man/boy only wants a woman/girl only if she is beautiful, then you are better off w/out such a person in your life.  A person w/a big nose can be beautiful inside.  I always thought I had a big nose and at times have been self conscious.  Until about 5 years ago, I wanted to have my nose altered.  Now, it is who I am.
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pam keen
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Am thinking about having my nose altered..did u go thru with it?
Cheryle Masters
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No. I have a Roman nose (like a ski slope), but not as prominent as my uncle on my mom's side. I decided I could live w/the nose God gave me.

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