Me and this guy always liked eachother, but we're both to scared to look eachother in the eyes, or talk to eachother. How can I get the courage to look at him in the eyes, and stop with the shyness we both have?


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Arthur Wright answered
Shyness is just another word for fear here. Better find a way before someone else does and you ll be left with regrets by the many
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Mystery Boy answered
What  id do is tell him how shy you are, firstly hell probably think your cute/sweet but also you'll know he knows giving you the confidence to do so, or just smile at him and glance into is eyes then hold it....
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Anonymous answered
Oh my god, dude. Same here. But this dude is sooooooo hot. And whenever I try to look at him he sorta catches my eye and looks to the ground. The last time we talked was on halloween and he seemed pretty nervous, and so was I. When we DO talk I try to make it last.
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Janey answered
Just start chatting about something that interests you both look movies or music.That relaxes you both and gives you the chance to enjoy each other's company and look into each other's eyes.

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