Is it possible that a girl would deny wanting her childhood bestfriend as a boyfriend?


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Of course! And not just 'deny' but actually feel that she does not want that kind of relationship with her old best friend.
Shared history can bring people very close, and many relationships like this lead to adult romantic relationships in the future, but easily as many have feelings that their old buddy is more like a brother or sister (kinda the twin thing) than a member of the opposite sex. This is why childhood friends can usually remain friends for a longer time than many opposite sex friendships do, as the perception of the friend as an almost genderless entity best called a 'buddy' or 'pal', than boy or girl.

As well, old friendships can be a major pillar in some people's lives, and the idea of putting that friendship at risk with the emotional rollercoaster that boyfriend/girlfriend relationships entail may terrify some folks... I mean if the relationship goes sour, there's a pretty good chance the friendship would as well. Try to remember your last break-up... It was likely quite bad as it was, but imagine that at the same time as your relationship self-destructing, your best friend in the world told you they never wanted to see you again. THAT is the kind of personal stress a lot of people simply wouldn't want to risk.

So as with any relationship, remember that even if the possibility is there for a romantic shift to a friendship that has been there for years, when a person of either gender says they don't have the desire to go there, you need to respect that decision as one they need to make for themselves.

Hope that helps, and you have a great day!

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