What's the best way to make the person you love not mad at you anymore?


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Melissa Trempel answered
Try to gather your thoughts and feelings about exactly what went wrong.  Then tell your love exactly what your sorry for, how you feel about what you have done and the truth about why you did it.  Make it short and to the point, no begging for forgiveness or rambling on.  Let him know that you will listen when he wants to talk so you can get past this upsetting event.  Then all you can do is wait and when the time comes just listen and be understanding and hopefully you can patch things up. Good luck, and take care.  Remember no one can stay mad forever!
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If someone is furious let them calm down a bit before talking again. But never go on as if nothing happened. Admit where you were wrong and apologize but don't accept any bad treatment because you were wrong. If you were not wrong and it is only their issue tell them that you are sorry they feel you did them wrong but you honestly don't see how you had any part of it. Them say you love them and ask if you can move on. If so don't bring it up again. If not its their issue not yours.
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Sure if they really loved you back they'd see the sorry in your eyes and forgive you. :)
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That's a big question to ask. First off, how did this person get mad at you? Was it a male or female? Boyfriend? Mother or Father?

One of the best ways to make someone less mad at you is to just wait it out. Let them stay angry and stay out of their way and then they'll eventually lose steam and calm down to a point where you can talk to them again. At this point maybe do an activity with them that they enjoy like getting ice cream to calm the mood but its really just a matter of time.

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