How to i give quick and witty Answers? Some people have such good Replies for insults!


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Ray Ottewell answered
Quick and witty, well ain't that pritty,but don't take pitty, give them a ditty.
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Nobody ever insults me after a massive argument with this my school...he was acting all big and like a bad boy , and no I don't think about my answers , I don't swear I just tell you the truth and if they can't handle it ..then thts their problem..8) and all you gtta say to em isss......"you've got the bark , but you aint got the bite".
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Jon Asaviour answered
Then learn from them , but don't try to imitate , create your own style
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Arthur Wright answered
Practice and lots of it and you can usually tell who spends all their time practicing too especially on here
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The good replies usually come after the moment has passed and you take your time to think about it. I think you need something appropriate for the context, you can't just say the same thing all the time. I think one needs a certain talent for that.
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One putdown I have for insults : It's mind over matter, I don't mind because you don't matter.Works for me every time lol !
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Arthur Wright
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Thats been around since Fred Flinstones time
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The classics are always the best ones Mr W & martial arts isn't allowed !

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