Why do people sleep naked? Do you? If so, how do you make sure no one walks into your room well you're sleeping?


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sarah petit Profile
sarah petit answered
I sleep in my victoria secret pj it looks like a dress really very silky but at the same time ppl like sleeping naked because they feel free and if I do sleep naked no one wont come in my because my mum and dad know I hate ppl in my room at night :)
catherine adams Profile
catherine adams answered
Hi Kamilla Grove, a lot of people do sleep naked, and I'm not sure how old you are, or if you share a room with anothe person, it's a question of how comfortable we feel. I do, but I have the space and privacy to sleep naked. If I don't and other people are around I don't.. And for sure not when its cold. I'd make sure I keptthe bedcovers on ... And check it out with my parents, depending on what age your are, if you want and need privacy to be free in your own room. Bye for now.
Javen Martinez Profile
Javen Martinez answered
I personally don't sleep naked I prefer to sleep in boxers mainly because I'm still in college and I'm staying at my parents house for the summer. However, when I'm at school and my girl stays over,  ALL clothes are off! I love sleeping naked with her!..... TMI? Lol
Maxine Chan Profile
Maxine Chan answered
Because we are born naked so why not sleep naked? We lock the doors so no one will know that we sleep naked.
asia bourda Profile
asia bourda answered
Well y I don't sleep naked mostly because I'm a girl and it cool for a guy to sleep naked but different for a girl and I don't have a bf so theres no reason for me to be naked and I quess if you choose to be naked I quess you should probaly have a door in your bedroom with a lock.
Joy Thompson Profile
Joy Thompson answered
They probably just like to "feel free" naked in bed. No, I do not. Maybe you should lock your door.
Adrian Masters Profile
Adrian Masters answered
I sleep in my underwear. I have slept naked a few times. This usually happens in the dead of summer. It gets really hot where I live, so on rare occasions I will sleep naked due to the heat.

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