If You Have Created Havoc In A Persons Life, How Well Do You Sleep At Night?


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I honestly don't think that I could.
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Ree Ree answered
I know if I have caused "havoc" in someones life..It would be hard to sleep..If it was for no reason..just to be an ass...
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I don't do that, and I hate when people do. Like the two people we were dealing with a while back, the girl and they guy, talking about the streaking thing, that wore out real fast.
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If you knowingly created havoc in someones life and slept soundly at night then you are what they call a psychopath.  Psychopaths have no regard for anyone else's feelings.  All they care about is getting their  way.
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I wouldn't sleep! I would be up all night worrying that I hurt someones feelings.

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