When will Family Feud be in the St. Louis, MO area?


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There is no information available for when Family Feud will be aired in the St. Louis, Mo., area. The only thing that has been released is that the 2011/2012 series is having its taping location moved to the Atlantic Civic Center.

This information was released on the show's Twitter page, so you may be able to find out more information if you have a look at either this, or its Facebook page.

  • Family Feud
Family Feud, the popular US game show, was created by Bill Todman and Mark Goodson. In it, there are two families competing to be the most successful in naming the most-given reactions to survey questions asked of 100 people. The concept for the show is repeated in many different countries, including the United Kingdom where it is called Family Fortunes.
  • The early days
Family Feud was shown on ABC from 1976 until the show was canceled in 1985 even though it had proved to be popular across the country.

CBS brought it back to life in 1988, only this time it was hosted by Ray Combs until it was canceled yet again in 1993.
  • Present day
Family Feud rose again for a third time in 1999, and is still running. During this time there have been a number of different hosts, and they are: Louise Anderson, John O'Hurley, Richard Karn and Steve Harvey, presenting since the beginning of the 2010-11 series.

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