What should I do to regain interest in something I liked before; perhaps my course?


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Regaining interest in your course is a matter that is personal to you, so you should assess your own needs and wants before you can answer this question yourself. Follow the instructions below:

  • Original spark
Think about what originally sparked you to be interested in that course and why you wanted that course. You chose your course over millions of other courses out there. Did you have passion when you first chose your course, or were you just taking it because it might be a walk in the park? If you never had intense passion for your course, then maybe you won't be able to regain interest in it. However, it can be resolved if you once had interest, which is what I am assuming.

  • Talk to course mates
Perhaps you could talk to your course mates more. Surrounding yourself with like minded individuals will make you want to be informed on a certain subject. Plus, a bit of competition will help you to strive to become the best. You will then research more and be more engaged. If you have other distractions in your life then you will not stay focused. It is important to have goals, even if they are small. Structure your life around your course.

  • Past inspiration
If your course is a creative pursuit, then you can look at people who have been successful in the past. Looking at what you can achieve in life will be motivational for you to carry on. Maybe you should see inspirational artists or actors, or even professors? Ask them why they find that particular subject interesting and draw from them. If you don't feel the same, then I am sure that it is possible to seek an alternative route and change course.

If you are happy with your life and your current state of mind, then this will have a knock on effect with your course. Maybe you are stressed for other reasons and are blaming it on your course not being as stimulating.

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