WHAT DO U DO IF SOMEONE CALLS YOU UGLY? And I'm looking for one awesome comeback and then I'll tell you mine.


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christina saint-victor Profile
Well thers nothing you can really do bout it..what you going to do kill yourself...don't go do something stupid because someones think you ugly..they call you ugly..hey ignore them because  you are not ugly..you are beautiful inside and outside...it don't matter what the world think..hey the only thing that matter is what God think..God created you like that,he has a reason why..God knows what you going through,but he want you to keep your eyes to the horizon..people are calling others ugly because they want to put you down..they want to hurt you..but hey let me tell you wen they put you down ,hey lift your self up..when they hurt you, hey make yourself feel better...and look at the horizon and say Jesus you know everything,please you see what I'm going through,but I need you now and foreever...
Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
Ignore it completely as doing anything else is exactly what they want you to do a theyre trying to start a fight with you and not getting the attention they seek, hurts most of all
Jasmine Haha Profile
Jasmine Haha answered
If its a chick I'd be like have you looked in the mirror lAtely,??? You might want to shave off that mustache. If it's a guy I don't know what I would say xD probably something really mean
Mandy Clark Profile
Mandy Clark answered
It takes an ugly person to know an ugly person. I bet you're not ugly because everyone has good looks but it all depends on how you enhance it and how much you care so anyways I bet you're beautiful!!!:)
Adila Adila Profile
Adila Adila answered
WOW you called me ugly? Is this the part where I'm supposed to care...? OKAY 8) xD Bye now...go back to your kennel.

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