Where Do I Find Coloring Pages About Values/character Such As Honesty, Compassion, Etc?


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If you want to find coloring pages that show images of character values like honesty and compassion and that also have a basis in Christianity for children, then have a look at this site: The whole site is dedicated to teaching the Bible and the Christian ethos to children and there are also some pages that contain the work of particular artists that depict Bible stories. Some of these are complete, but other pictures have been left as line drawings and so could be used as coloring pages for children.

If you do not want to have a religious theme to the coloring pages, have a look at They have absolutely loads of pages that you can print off and color, covering very many themes, and are appealing to both girls and boys of many ages.

Another, really great site is This has interactive pages for children to color, download and print, and again has many themes, many of them quite unusual such as Martin Luther King, George Washington and Dental Health coloring, so not only are they entertaining for children, but they are also educational. 

Because children are like sponges, and absorb information quickly and easily, having coloring pages like these gives them an awareness of certain things and encourages them to ask questions. This means that they will get pleasure out of the coloring activity but will also be learning without realizing it.

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