Have there been situations when you have lost your temper?


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Orsiela Wiese Profile
Orsiela Wiese answered
Everybody loses thier temper some or other time.  I don't know what religion you are, but Jesus also lost his temper when he found people selling goods in the temple. He took a whip, and beat them out of the temple, and threw over the selling tables.  Remember?  If it happened to him, it can happen to anybody!
Diane Ryan Profile
Diane Ryan answered
I believe everyone loses their temper from time to time. It's natural. Controlling your actions is key. I find taking a run, or writing, or just cleaning like a maniac is a good outlet for excess anger.
Guy BOB Profile
Guy BOB answered
Tons man, I hate it but it happens.
Ryanna Brown Profile
Ryanna Brown answered
Oh yeah I had serious issues with sudden spouts of rage when I was a teen resulted in getting expelled but the boy should have kept his hands to himsel

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