How Can I Describe Myself In One Line?


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Give no personal information.  You do not need to tell the city you live in...only the state (or if you wish), only the country.  Do not tell the name of your school (if you are attending school), certainly no phone number, use no last name, if you wish to give your birth year that is OK but not the day itself.  In other words, give nothing that can be used to find you personally.  It is fine to say that you are a red head and that you are 6 feet tall.  You can tell your likes and dislikes but once again: If you say you like to ice skate do not say that you go every Friday to the ice rink on Josey Avenue. Be cautious, you never know who will be reading what you disclose.  In fact, to be on the safe side,  when you do your profile, ask Mom or Dad to check it over just in case you let something slip by that you should not have.  Mom and/or Dad will appreciate that you are mature enough to know that there is danger in this on-line world. Have fun but always be aware of what exactly you type.
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Keep it simple sweetheart and some interpret this as 'keep it simple stupid' or keep it simple smarty' if you try to baffle another person.

I'm sure you can do it!

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