What Are The Rewards And Danger Of Self-disclosure?


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The revealing of information during self disclosure may not always prove to be very safe or simple because you are revealing information about yourself that nobody knows or is likely to discover otherwise. So by providing the information yourself, you are putting yourself in risk which might even include some physical or material harm.

After knowing something about you, the people may not give a positive response and their impression about you can become unfavorable. There can also be a possibility that because of the information you disclosed, someone may blackmail you, threaten you or even try to inflict physical harm.

Once the disclosure has been done by you, the information is out, and you would not be able to do anything about it or to save yourself because what’s done is done. So it is important to think about the consequences before disclosing any significant information about yourself.

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Self disclosure is telling of information which are hidden about yourself to others. Meaningfulness of relationships, physiological health, self-knowledge, communication effectiveness and ability to cope. Once something is said, you can't take it back, relational risks, personal risks and professional risks.

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