How Many People Are EMO In The World?


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There are many people are in the world is 10,000
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There are many 'emos' in the world that you can't number exactly. I label myself as 'emo/scene' but that's just me. I don't listen to all the people who say "OH YOU'RE POSING, GET YOUR OWN STYLE!" etc because, I am what/who I am, physically AND mentally. I don't follow all these 'emo' trends etc, I just do whatever I want and I'm proud of that.
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I would say 2 in every 5 who look to be emo
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The emo fad is getting out of control. "Emos" need to suck it up and get on with their lives like normal people. Emos claim the world doesn't understand them, well the world doesn't understand anybody, normal people just get on with their lives and don't get all depressed. True emos are people with emotional issues. And no, you do not have emotional issues, you are just trying to be emo.

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