Who is (are) more dangerous? The emo guy, the gangster guy, the gothic guy? What do they all have in common?


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Moo C. answered
None, as a person was telling me today there is this gang in my city of transgender thugs. They were one day hanging out in the library and the leader was just standing looking aggressive towards the librarian and the librarian decided to mirror what the leader was doing. She also added some comedy relief now they are ok with each other. They are all flesh, bone and blood.
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Janey answered
Probably the emo guy as they can be over-emotional, excitable and irrational.That makes them unpredictable and that's the most dangerous of the lot.
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Caty Crisis answered
It is commonly the gangster that is dangerous because of how society views them, but any of them could be just as, or more, dangerous than any of the other two could be.

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