People say that Goths, Emos, and punks are a dying Breed, What do u say 2 this? Are u any of a Goth, Emo or Punk? Btw I am a Gothic Emo Feel free to voice ur opinion..... If u had 2 guess how old do u think I am?


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Hi Neji, I've met a fw Goths in my lovely city and found them gentle people, and of course unique in their dress, and hey you're a Gothic Emo and sure you have freedom of voice, well depending on the country in which you live. Well, do I have to guess, and as you ask 'are they a dying breed', I guess you might have been a well established Goth Emo for some time, so older than teens and younger than 50s - well that's a wide span, or you may be very young and dreaming of being a Goth Emo, its a significant difference and it takes courage to follow what you want to be and hey, they're not a dying breed where I live, and I often see a group or two of them around. There is also more than one shop selling Goth clothes, and jewelery and I was bought a really Goth-y- funky and controversial necklace, which I wore. I have a Goth friend too. Very queit, peaceful guy. Hope Useful
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I'm goth/emo and my guess is 15
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I used to be a gothic emo but I had to change in order to become an LDS. But yeah I don't think they are a dying breed even though I don't see many where I live but at heart I'm still a gothic emo.
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I'm emo I love to cut myself because I feel that it takes my pain away and I do also have scars on my arm though but no emos or goth aren't leaving any time soon and I think you could be about 14 or 15 myself I going to be 17 next month
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Neji Shaul
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Awesome!! I agree With U We R here And We r not Goin Away!! Rock on Emos!! Yea I Turned 15 two months Ago ^.^ Thanks For ur Answer =)
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Yes we're a dying breed and need the emo revolution to come like it did in 2005. It's been 10 years we need to hurry up D:

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I see them everywhere. I am an emo goth as well. I love cemeteries and black cats. Rock & emo music. I cut myself once after a mental breakdown.
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Neji Shaul
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Ive got scars All the way down my legs from digging my nails into myself Sad sad times for me, I love cemeteries as well black cats. Omg Evanescence!! One of my Fav bands As well as Metallica, But Evanescence is my fav.
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Foolish mortals..
Maxine Chan
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Okay, yeah I love Metallica songs:) and also Nirvana oh and I think you are a teen so maybe 16 years old.
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They are a dying breed for a reason, reality is too harsh environment for them to exist. Survival of the fittest; unfortunately, their not one of them.
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Neji Shaul
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I Also Live in a world where pain makes me stronger I Iearn from it and know more about myself Im talkin about people not knives......However it has been at least 10 years since it self harmed so yea im not really that person anymore I only like the punk style of dress and the style of music.........
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Just perception..yeah anyways lets end the argument :)
Neji Shaul
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Ok I really do value Your opinion Thanks for givein me A diffrent veiw of the world. Really, thanks =)

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