How Can A Woman Be Submissive?


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I have enjoyed more than one relationship as a submissive and it can be very rewarding, However, it has to be something both partners want. If you just want to be submissive and your husband wants you to be his equal it won't work because he'll just think you're a wimp.

In my submissive relationships my partner has been responsible for making the decisions. This requires total trust. You have to know that s/he will only have your best interests at heart. I have in the past handed over control of my social life (where I go, who I see), my sex life (frequency of sex, type of sex, orgasm control), my food (what to eat, when, how much), my clothes (what to wear), my exercise (what type, how much, how often), etc. I have also allowed my partner to punish me if I disobey his rules. Such punishments can be physical (spankings, not being allowed to sit) or psychological (being deprived of privileges).

This may not be the type of submission you're looking for, but I always found it very satisfying. If you'd like to know more, give me a "shout".
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Woman was taken by man's side. She is equal with him; they are partners. However, someone has to make final decisions. Men have the responsibility to provide for their families. That doesn't mean a woman can't work outside of the home. If there are small children at home I feel that they would benefit from their mother staying home with them until they are able to go to school. It's really a personal choice. You don't have to agree with everything your husband says to be submissive. Remember it's a partnership and he should respect your opinions too.
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Why should any woman be submissive to anyone, including her husband? I'm not saying argue just for the sake of it but if a particular issue is important to you don't be a doormat. Your opinions, views and ideas are just as important and matter just as much as his, if your husband loves and respects you they should.

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