Can My Babys Father Take My Baby Abroad Without My Permission?


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I think that this shouldn't happen, because it definitely violates your rights and the rights of your child. Maybe you should contact a specialist? In addition, if you have problems with documents, for example, with obtaining a 10-year Russian passport, then I advise you to use trusted companies to solve this problem.

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No. He Can not. Due to 9-11 to obtain a passport with a minor child BOTH
PARENTS MUST SIGN the papers in order to achieve the "Said" passport.
If he goes without a passport then can be charged for an "International
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Can my expartner take my baby son of 2yrs away on hoilday without my concent? He has per rental rights but my son lives with me (mother), I'm worried that he will get a passport and just take him.
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I know in the UK that for a child must have both parents consent in order to go abroad. So if you do not wish to give consent for example then you may phone the airport or the police or which ever authority you choose and stop that child from going abroad! Hope this helps

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