What Does It Take To Be A Good Parent?


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I suspect you will get many responses to your Q and I believe you will gain a "wealth" of information. As you know, there is a substantial amount of "published" information on the web and in books & magazines. Unfortunately, even though you may read something and it makes sense, when it comes time to use that info, you might not be able to use it. Saphira777's answer provides many components of being a good parent, and you would be wise to take it to heart. Having raised 7 children, I can tell you that it is a "trial & error" experience, and what works with one child may not work the same for another child. When you add in the results from your own upbringing, your education, your environment, etc., it will determine how you act & react. In retrospect, I feel that my wife & I did a great job with our children. They have blessed us with 9 grandchildren (#10 is on the way) and I feel that I am still learning. For me, personally, I believe the "best" thing that you can do to be a good parent, is to love your spouse. Obviously, if you are "not" in a relationship with the the other parent, it makes it more challenging. Our children knew that they could not "divide" us and I believe it made the "parenting" process easier. When you show unconditional love to your spouse/partner, it sends a message about life and how it should be lived. This is becoming lengthy so I'll close. I hope that it makes sense. It is just "one" of many answers that you will receive. Good luck, I know you will do well!
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I have to agree being the parent of a 17 year old daughter. She will try her best sometimes to turn us against each other in order to get her way.
It is so important to always stay on the same page with your spouse and discuss things together before giving permission to your child.
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Well, in my opinion, you need to:
-be understanding, thoughtful, enriching, intelligent, strong, positive, disciplinary to some extent, and a friend.
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In short way -love, respect and communication are the keys.used on daily basis those 3 ingredients give great results:) good luck!
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Patience. Love. Kindness. As the single mother of two daughters (7 & 5) and two sons (17 & 11), you can't have nothing but a lot of patience. I cannot stress that enough. Children will try you, but if you show them love, respect and patience they will learn it and pass it onto others. Make sure you tell your children that you love them several times a day. From the first day that they are born. Make sure that you take care of your ownself and have respect for yourself so that you care about them and yourself as well. Spend time with them, enjoy outings with them, trips to the library, museum, park -- even at early ages. Be firm with punishments, don't back down, change your mind, or forget. They remember that. Be consistent. Be persistent. Know what they are doing at home, school and out with friends. Talk with them. Be there for them. Let them grow. Let them learn from their mistakes. Let them be independent. But be consistent and patient. Let them talk with you. Don't watch television or talk on the phone --- give them your undivided attention, otherwise they may feel you don't care what they have to say. Always, always say you love them before they go to sleep at night and when they first wake in the morning. They will sleep better and be better kids because of it.
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Consistency....and a lot of love!
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To be a good parent,I think it is necessary to ALWAYS live by justice,and not say bad or offensive language,and not drink too much alcohol,and be mentally stable,and have moral values,but most importantly WANT the child,and give them lots of affection.It is also better if the parents are married,and if they're not,then you should choose a new partner according to how much they love the child and how much the child likes them.It is also necessary to spend lots of time with the child and treasure them with all your heart and soul,and to explain things to them and be willing to discuss EVERYTHING with them,and always put them first and consider their feelings,and care about them more then you care about yourself,and be nice to them and speak to them in a polite tone of voice.And you should always teach them to be broad minded and to respect everyone,and you should buy them enough presents and take them out on adventures and holidays,but not spoil them.
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Not a parent yet but what I think is the most important thing you need if you are one is understanding and acceptance.  You're children aren't always going to be exactly like the ones you imagined and if they aren't its important not to ever show them that.  You just have to accept them for who they are and not what you hoped they would be. Also, although some people won't admit it, its really important to treat each child the same because I know a lot of parents who don't and it is noticeable and painful for that child.
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Wow, BIG question.  Since your asking this question, in my opinion tells me you are going to be a great parent. I know that I was always asking other peoples advise on my parenting and the problem I came across a lot of the times is that every one had such different views so I would have to still decide for myself.  There's no one perfect way to rising kids and most of it I beleive will just come natural.
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Unconditional love, patents, understanding, the ability to pick your battles wisely as not to loose the important ones
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Consistency and patience. As a mother of two teens, those two things are what gets me by and keeps the kids in check. They know the rules because I never waiver on them.
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Only something to add to all the above , all of it is true, but as your children age, don't be scared to be a parent, if your kids get mad at you so what, you have to be the parent, they will get over it. Parent , first and then friend. And steady love
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Wow, very nice question. I am the eldest son in the family so I am familiar with every family businesses including problems that we and you might encounter.
What I can contribute is remember: That a good home is full of loving and sharing, having bonding with God through prayers and going to church are important.
Avoid hatred and angriness coz it will surely affects your family, instead of getting angry, pray unto God that He must help you. Instead of getting angry, think of something else that can make things okay.
Okay, bye got to go to my classroom ^^ see yah ^^ hehehehehe God bless you
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A good parent is someone who cares for their children, and provides them with all the necessities...and remembers that love is a verb that they must show to their children

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