What Are 5 Strategies You Can Take To Ensure Children Feel Valued At Your Daycare Center?


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How to make my family feel valued. Hmmm...daily updates that include more than just what my kids ate or how many times they pooped and pee'd. I would take that as a sign that you are paying attention to detail and I would feel valued about that. Secondly; to greet my children at the door and greet me by name or something. This would make me feel valued meaning that you look forward to seeing us and pay attention to who we are. Third; have a get together one or two times out of the year, this would show that you are interested in meeting the family and that you would like to spend time with parents as well. Forth; teach my children more beyond the coloring and glueing. Teach the alphabet and counting, shapes, colors, etc. This to me would show that you value my child's education and want to help further it. Fifth; just sit and read to them. This takes a lot of time and patience and to me would show that you value spending time with my child.
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1.Know their name.
2.Be attentive to their needs, watch for verbal and non verbal cues.
3.Foster involvement in group projects, play etc.
4.Hugs are good.
5.Give them a responsibility..getting coats, picking up toys etc.
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Here are some important tips:
- You should get them involved in certain learning games.
- They should feel comfortable with the environment, specially the temperature.
- They should get quality food and snacks.
- Surprise gifts are always a plus point.
- Most importantly, parents should get a weekly feedback about their child's performance.
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I like uaskuno's answer, letting children get involved, giving them responsibility makes them feel important. Positive reinforcement, when they are being good like compliments and hugs. Acknowledge their achievements, large and small.

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