Valentine Pig With Heart-shaped Spots -What Do You Think?


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Well, I don't have a picture, but my sister in law collects frogs. My brother bought her a stuffed frog that is holding a valentine heart. It's adorable. Valentine's Day is a day for love, so what ever your mate fancies, would make the perfect gift. I have seen valentines pigs, Elvis valentines, penguins and now a frog.
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thanks for your answer, i like frogs as well, but like to see them alive not get stuffed :(
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Dragonfly "Heart" I don't own the image.  It's a biology-type illustration of dragonflies.
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I wouldn't call it romantic...come one, a pig.
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can you tell me what you call romantic?
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This comment is being directed to lovelyme. People wrote answers here to help you. They didn't write answers so that you could critique them! I also know that I was you who rated my answer so poorly, grow up.

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