How Do You Find An Honest Man?


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Good luck lol luckily I'm only 18 and am engaged to the man of my life but it takes time and allot of hunting you have to be very careful and literally judge the book by its cover
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i don't think you can go hunting for a honest man. maybe honest are everywhere ,
its all in character, disciplined men who are responsible in society , i don't think its hard to
spot , they are everywhere.
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There is no hard and fast rule to get an honest man out of nowhere. However I strongly believe that it depends on your fate. If there is a feeling of purity and sincerity involved in your relationship, you got it right.
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Unfortunately ladies, there is no such animal.  I am 46 years old, have been married four times and dated countless liars.  They really ARE all after one thing, and even then, it's not enough to get it from one chick--it's like a contest for them.  Their ego depends on their ability to "conquer" multiple conquests.  Once they get what they want/need to put another notch on their belt and boost their ego, they will cast you aside and go on to the next challenge.  Best to just joint a convent or something and hope you can catch a break if/when you get to heaven, if there is such a thing as heaven.  Sorry to burst your bubble, but it's best you know the truth now and not waste years of your life like I have, searching for an honest man, only to find that there is no such thing.
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Men are lying cads, they trully believe they are superior to women. Leave them all alone. They only deserve each other. Most men are nasty and vile and they want women to be submissive and humble towards them, while they lord it over their wives and girlfriends. They want women to fall all over them and then they run like the scared little cowards they are. There is only one man brave enough to be the man you need and that's your father. Unfortunately you'll never find one who fits the bill. Believe me I know.

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