I Love Knowing What`s Going To Happen Before It Does! It's Not Always Right, But If It Sounds Great And Makes Ya Smile Why Not Make It Happen?


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Honestly, by nature I am a skeptic. And you should stay skeptical. Keep your money in your pocket. Take a class on tarot and read your own cards. Develop you own spiritual gifts. Somethings you might take to like a fish to water other areas you may be out of your element. For me, However I figuratively had to be  hit over the head with some clues that there is more to the world than we can see. It started very young for me, I was a precocious student, and I remember distinctly being bored sitting in my math class enjoying looking at the halo of light around my 4th grade teacher. It was a nice healthy white loving light that seemed a little worried. I don't know why I thought that I just did. And I was smart enough to know not to mention this to anyone else. I became a vegetarian at age 12 after reading Siddhartha and looking up vegetarian cook book for me and my mom. My mom used to scare me a little because she always knew when people were sick, even though to me there seemed to be no obvious signs. Perhaps she sensed that light that I mentioned that lets you know if your fellow human being is happy healthy or on the prowl for a mate. There may be some biological validity that will be given by science when you think of all the instincts and intuition early man and early woman needed to survive and pick a mate. When I finally found my first metaphysical bookstore, I was disappointed by the books because they didn't feel real to me, however the giant yellow Quartz cluster in the corner did and I went and laid my hands on it and it was truly a unique experience, it felt like the energy you get when you hug a big friendly labrador.  It was really joyous and playful. Especially for a rock. That is when I tried to find a book that really seemed genuine not full of useless generic meditation exercises or  wielding a sword around like a knight of the round table. I found one that was very helpful in helping explore , perform experiments on what I could feel and what I couldn't and how and for what purpose would I need these interesting self discovery exercises. Well, believe it or not. My mom can tell that a friend she hasn't seen in 4 years is ringing her phone before she picks it up but does not believe in"that new agey stuff". All women have intuition!! Men have it when they are boys but something happens where it seems discouraged and it lessens as they grow into adulthood where as women seem to grow stronger in their intuition as long as they use it. Believe it or not I am a freelance writer for a daily newspaper, and I do tarot readings on the side for those who ask. Now, I studied the books, the traditional meanings of the cards, and the official HOW TO  DO IT books. And then something changed, the cards would come up  with combinations which were almost statistically impossible! And yet there it was. When I look at the cards they look different for each person even if an hour ago I pulled the same card for someone else. It is the way you read it. Its like your communing with the person and doing creative problem solving and you use the deck to stir up ideas and unconscious or denied feelings that need to be addressed. It is like that cards are there to help make the client comfortable and we use them as a tool to help her get to the heart of the matter.  I have done readings where I was not given a question. And Absolutely blew away the woman I did the reading for (I surprised myself to) it was weird because I saw a divorce, more court and her giving him money which did not make sense however she later told me this was accurate.He had petitioned for alimony. How did I know that over the phone with no question being asked just going on intuition and the cards? I do not know! I pray for guidance and wisdom and to speak truthfully and gently. But I do not know how or why it works especially from 3000 miles away, we were on different coasts. I knew little about her accept my mom told me a friend of hers would appreciate a reading. That was it. So, lucky guess? I don't know
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Oh I love this question(if it is one)!! This weird thing happens to me. Heres what happened when I was 8 I was watching my 15 year old brother play a game. He was fighting a person who could go into walls so you couldn't see her and I sensed he was near her around the corner of the house he was in and guess what? I WAS RIGHT AND I COULDN'T EVEN SEE HER LOL!
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Ok I do not believe in psychics and all but I know things before they happen and I have never once been wrong about something I have told someone, I believe it is a gut feeling that tells me but I don't know, I see and hear things before they happen, I know things before they happen but I still do not believe in psychics all I believe it is cause by paying notice to things other people do not notice seeing things that only a blind men can see hearing things that only a deaf men can hear and so on and so on
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The thing is we can never be 100% sure what will happen in the future as it is beyond our reach and wisdom.Many people claim that they can predict the future but in reality it is only a rough estimate .
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Predicting the future isn't a guess. Psychics go by the energy around the person at the time of thee reading. As people we have the choice to change that, change roads  and so on. I know this because I am a professional psychic. Have been able to tell the future and See dead people once I was a child. I also help others learn to make there ability stronger. It's an ability we all have.

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