Where Can I Find A For REAL Witch That Practices Black Magic - I Want This Person But We Need To Break Up A?


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First off KARMA is still a B****, that being said, do not meddle in other peoples lives. Be a friend to that person and maybe things will go as you would have them. Be mindful of your words as they will bite you the hardest. As for the whole "black magic" thing... If you can't get them on your own accord do not ask someone to do it for you. It will be much sweeter if it is done by you---without my or anyone else's help. I am a warlock and would not dare interfere in something as self indulgent as that. Now, play nice or someone like me might get involved if someone is actually wronged in some way. That is to say, that if the person who was wronged by you came to someone like me, their words would be much less likely to fall on deaf ears. FYI I don't always get what I want and life sucks.. Get a helmet. P.S. If things were as simple as you apparently think they are my life would be perfect. Does that not stand to reason? Remember, all the "black & white" magic you childishly refer to flows from the same source. Peace
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First of all, you should not seek out someone that practices black magic. The kind of person that does could turn on you in a lick. I am guessing that you "need" to break up a marriage or relationship. You must remember the Threefold Law: that which you send out comes back to you times three. If you got her are you prepared to lose her just as awfully as you stole her away? If you truly care for her, you would not wish to steal her free will. If it is meant to be, she will come to you on her own. Maybe you could try some Romany (Gypsy) spells to get her to notice you. Not to fall in love with you, just get her to look your way. But please, I beg of you, do not try black magic.
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This is in response to the message you sent me back in October. I had no way of knowing you are female. Try looking at your posted question again. Anyway, I sincerely hope you changed your mind about using black magic to get what you want out of life.
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I do white magic and black come ask me
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Actually, if you want to be smart about it. Try for a magician, what you call a witch, who practices white magic. A black magician, one who practices black magic, is untrustworthy whereas a white magician, one who practices whit magic, is bound by blood to help others will be more willing to help you. Use a love summons or spell. This kind of magic does not steal the person's free will, but more or less makes your name pop up in the strangest places. That way she will come talk to you. If you ever steal a person's free will then you and three generation will be cursed for bad luck so don't do it. That's all I have to say. Good luck.
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Well I will tell you this do not go bye what everyone says because if one really knows there stuff none would have answer the way they did.And life is full of balance there is both dark and light nature is not domainated bye light or darkness why? Bcause she is both light and darkness everyone want to be apart of something just know this there are ways to make what you want to happen just as the Gods did in the old for domainated domainated was in love with a human woman and to make a long stroy short he got her but now did the way he did he force her to love him not she trick him and bye long was hurt because of his love lust for her so my dear freind I say this with domainated do not be so quick to sell your soul or have somebody who say there are a witch or all this because many will tell you things that ae not true and push there faith on you.Most people will tell you things of only what they comprehen not what you need to know ok.2 knowledge is power always remember that this is how you tell a real witch from a fake or domainated ok my friend best of luck
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A spell to get back at someone
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You should Google witch, Wiccan and black magic and follow all the web sites until you find what you are looking for.
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Witches don't do black magick. We follow the rede, "An it harm none, do what ye will," which means we do NOT do any spells that can cause harm in any way. Sorry :/
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So you want a witch that uses black magic? You must be human...or am I wrong? Witch blood runs thru my family...yes, there are some of my fam. That do black magic n some we don't...I am ashamed.

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