Why Don't Prostitutes Kiss Their Clients? Is It Because Of STDs (Sexually-Transmitted Diseases)?


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There are several reasons why a prostitute might not want to kiss her clients - obviously, it’ll all depend on the woman: Everybody has different reasons for the things they do!

What’s The Main Reason Prostitutes Don’t Kiss Their Clients?
Prostitution is a job, and prostitutes need to differentiate between the sex they have for work and the sex they have for pleasure.

Refraining from kissing the clients is probably the best way of keeping the two separate.

It creates a psychological division between the meaningless sex that the prostitutes have to engage in to earn money, and the sex that they have when there’s an emotional connection with their partner.

Why Don’t Prostitutes Kiss Their Clients?
I’m sure disease is a partial concern: You can’t get STDs from kissing, but there are other things that you can catch.

Kissing is something intimate and romantic and, if prostitutes kissed their clients as well as sleeping with them, kissing their partner might then feel tainted and would no longer be a special thing.

I suppose safety probably has something to do with it, too. It’s easier to get out of a dangerous situation if your face isn’t up close against somebody else’s: It wouldn't be difficult for a client to grab and restrain a prostitute during a kiss.

Do All Prostitutes Refuse To Kiss Their Clients?
Not all of them. Some might charge extra for a more romantic sexual experience - for example, kissing, cuddling, and staying the night.

Some women are so desperate for the money that they’ll do whatever is asked of them, including kissing.

At the end of the day, it’s down to the woman in question - if she wants to kiss her clients, she will. There’s no guidebook on how to be a prostitute!
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They don't love their clients and think of the diseases that could be spread with mouth to mouth contact.
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They don't kiss their clients because kissing is a form of love and affection and attachment, so I'm assuming they don't kiss because they have no real feelings or attachment to the person.

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