Why is it that wife's , GF's don't like their husband's and Boy Friend's to donate blood?


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Just throwing out some reasons. Contracting disease if the people /person drawing your blood makes a mistake(or did it on purpose) and reuse a needle from another donation.the possible contraction of aids. Or  the wife/girlfriend are aware of something they may have passed to you and when your blood is tested before the donation is used then you will be notified of that disease/usually sexually transmitted disease.which would raise a  whole lot of questions for both you and her. Not a nice thought but usually when something is hidden it will be revealed at the most inopportune time.
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Just tell her that you really care about that person, tell her if it were you in that situation she would want some one to do the same if she couldn't donate the blood her self, encourage her any one would be that situation in that situation even her as well. Hope I helped.
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The prime reason they want their male partners to don't donate blood to any unknown is that they care their partners a lot. In our country the social and medical situation also works behind this. Socially, we people can rarely expect anyone doing the same favor in our need and medically we have some fears out of some bad cases that you can contract some infection etc. From infected medical surgical equipments etc. And not to forget donating blood leads to some weakness for a little period of time to make us(who loves you) get scare from it.

Coming to your real issue. Just try to make her dead(confirm) sure that you will use your own purchased medical apparatus(blood bag, needle etc.) of reputed brand to avoid any mess, plus doctors will first check your HB or blood level for safe limit to donate blood to others. Before donating any blood they will confirm, if you are free from any decease etc. Or not. Today in big reputed hospitals this issue(infected donor) has came down just 20% to nil in my view. God bless you for picking a noble cause that people fear to go for.
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As the saying goes; Do to others what you don't want others to do to you. A time will come when one of your closest family will have the same situation and you need to know that this life is a give and take, you can't just expect others to help when you don't help them first.
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Forgive me if I seem to be dense as far as the question is concern but really did not know females had a problem with this issue, I know there are very few females that donate on a regular basis but did not know they had a problem with their male companion donating to the cause...I personally don't have a problem with it...
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I am amazed that anyone would have a problem with blood donations.  I have certainly never heard of it being an issue where girls are more fearful than the guys.  The blood is literally a life saving liquid.  The instruments used to draw the blood is (in the United States) sterilized.  Well trained professionals draw the blood.  There is simply no logical reason for her to have such an irrational fear concerning this issue.  Perhaps if she were to accompany you the next time you donate she will see what a simple procedure it truly is it would lessen her objections.  Do you think possibly there is some under lying fear that she has not told you about??  It seems to me that she is over reacting to the point of it being nonsense unless there is something going on deep in her mind that you are not aware of.  Ask her what the true issue is.  This is one instance where I would not let her talk me out of doing what you know to be the right thing to do.
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I don't understand her objection, or why you care about it. Your body; your blood, and besides, you are saving lives. If you want to convince her volunteer at a hospital (surgery ward) and take her with you. Show her all of the people that are alive because of donated blood. That should do it.
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Just explain the aspects of giving blood more precize and the good it brings to the one recieving the blood and let her also picture herself being in the position needing blood herself and what she thinks now about recieving blood when needing it herself. Let her know that almost everything that happends to other people can happen to her and ask what if it comes to a situation where she would find herself being in need of a blood transfusion. Thats all I have to answer on that question.
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Well,I think its very noble and generous for anybody to give blood,if I had a husband or boyfriend we'd both be going to donate
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I think if I were in your place  I would like to understand the reasons for your girlfriend's reservations about your blood donation better in order to answer this question.  And perhaps you would also like to understand what underlies her reservations, as well.  For some people, the act of donating blood is a simple and humane gesture and for others, there are spiritual and personal reservations that relate to specific beliefs.  Perhaps discussing the underlying beliefs can hep further the conversation so that at least you understand one another's views and can move toward acceptance.  In the end, my friend, the decision must be yours to make, as it would also be hers if she were the one to donate or not. Good luck.
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Sometimes it isn't a good choice because maybe health or they don't want you to be any harm or anything.

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