Where To Find Prostitute In Chennai?


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It is suggested that the red light district in Chennai can be found around Kodambakkam. Kodambakkam is the centre of Kollywood, the area that is home to the Tamil film industry. The name Kollywood is derived from putting Kodambakkam and Hollywood together. The first movie studio established in the centre was Avichi Meiyappa Chettiar, followed slightly later by the Vijaya Vauhini Studios. Nowadays most of the Tamil movie studios are located here, alongside most film and television stars and a film directors' colony.

Red light districts are defined as an urban area within a town or city where there is a high concentration of sex-oriented businesses and prostitution. The areas may have strip clubs, sex shows and adult theatres found alongside brothels. The term 'red light' is typically said to come from the red lights that were used to signpost brothels. There is also a folk story that tells of railroad workers who carried red lanterns with them when they visited brothels so that their colleagues could find them should there be an emergency. Some information also exists to suggest that the red lights seen from a brothel window were installed by owners to try and hide signs of venereal diseases that showed themselves as red blemishes on the prostitutes' skin.

Laws and regulations about red light districts vary both within countries and between them. Typically the degree of 'openness' of the activities and legality of them are widely debated. In some countries there are designated places that are officially regarded as legal areas for prostitution; in others, areas may be monitored by the authorities and although many of the activities associated with prostitution may be considered as illegal, little is done to eliminate or reduce the incidence of them. Officials will often tolerate and regulate these activities with the mindset that if a problem can't be removed, it is better it is controlled than left alone. In India operating a brothel, pimping and soliciting in public are all illegal, but in practise these activities are tolerated and regulated.

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