Where Can I Get Prostitutes In Hyderabad?


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Although prostitution is in fact illegal throughout Pakistan, assuming you are referring to the city in Pakistan, there are places you will find prostitutes in Hyderabad.

The easiest way to find prostitutes in Hyderabad is to head to its red-light district which can be found at Serey Ghat. It is said to be the fourth-largest red-light district in Pakistan with over 101 households, 70 active brothels and over 100 sex workers located in this area.

Therefore heading to the area should make it fairly easy to find a prostitute. They may well be hanging about the street looking for business and so it should be obvious who are the prostitutes. When visiting prostitutes, great caution clearly needs to be taken. First of all you should always use a condom as prostitutes are obviously sexually active with a wide range of sexual partners.

Also it is common for clients to be mugged and so only take enough money to pay the prostitute in case you are jumped on. You should also be aware that it is illegal and so you could face arrest if caught visiting prostitutes or a brothel. Although it may be embarrassing it is also worth telling someone where you are going just in case the worst happens and you are kidnapped, this way someone will know where to look for you if you don't return at the time you said you would.

If you were however referring to Hyderbad in India, most of this advice is also applicable although similarly it is frowned upon although technically legal.

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