Working Parents Have No Time For Their Children,do You Agree?


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When both husband and wife spouses work, there are two particular aspects that often suffer. Firstly some parents are come less nurturing or less emotionally available. Caught up in the hectic place of their lives parents may give their children less attention and loving care than they desire. And secondly, some parents are afraid to set limits. Setting limits is an important component of gaining the respect of the youngster. For children to grow into happy secure adult, they need to be sensitive to feelings and values and listen to what their parents have to say. If they follow the rules set they will eventually many of them.

Many a time when both parents are working, the child is neglected. He may indulge in drugs and other bad activities like stealing etc when he knows there is nobody in front of whom he may be accountable for his action. Often, neglected children even suffer from abuse but their workaholic parents are too busy to notice.

Therefore in my opinion, children may not be less happy or healthy when both parents work but they do suffer from stress, lack of emotional availability and unreliable schedules. This also creates a gap between both the parents if they become too caught up in their own lifestyles.

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