How We Can Know Someone's Nature?


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To know someone nature or habit, we must have to be frank with that person. At one sight we can't say that, this person has one quality and many bad habits. We must have to mix-up with that person then we will know their nature.
We have to be friendly with that person and be a good friend of that person, and then all his/her nature points will be shown to you, either its bad or good. When you will spend time, both good and bad, with that person, then you will easily understand the nature of that human.

To know someone nature and his/her personal thinking accurately, you must see that person in anger. Because when a person is angry then all of his/her qualities and drawbacks are shown. When a person is calm and quite then, he/she seems very good nature person and we think that he/she is very nice.

One more thing that, as I said you should become a good friend of that person and do each and every work of that person. You can check the loyalty and nature of that person when you will also ask for some work from that person. If he/she do with good will and happily and specially without any interest then, he/she is good natured person.
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It depends on how interest. How much you are interested in the person and the person can mix up with him to know the feeling of the person and mentality.
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We can know someones nature by their behaviour. As I have read in a book that a person can be analise  with there flow of writing.
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We cannot gauge a persons nature 100% but we can judge 75% by his actions and thinking.Sometimes they too prove to be wrong.

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