Can Infatuation Be A Draw-back?


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Attraction is basically the factor, people like others because of their looks or maybe their personality or can also be the way they look. At times people mistake attraction for love. It won't be wrong to say that, a person who very good-looking is obviously popular too, if someone falls in love with her or you can say starts liking at the first look, then it is attraction and not love. At times people also like other for the way they behave and talk, this is also attractions.

There are many kinds of attractions, and these attractions are just for the time being with the passage of time or as the time moves on, you forget about that person and you continue to live your life. this is what attraction is, people think they like someone then it is love, you look at someone and start liking someone is not love, it may be start to say that attraction fall in love on further notification but attraction has it owns draw-back, people waste their time and energy thinking that they are in true love. This is also a good way of experiencing of the other aspects of love.
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Infatuation can be a draw back because you are busy loving the person why allowing good opportunities to pass you.the love may never be, so disconnect quickly.

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