Do You Have Sample Of A 50th Wedding Anniversary Program?


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If there’s a 50th wedding anniversary coming up, it’s imperative that the happy couple celebrate in the style with the people they love. There are several aspects that need to be considered before the big day, and first up on the checklist should be getting a great venue that will be spacious enough to accommodate all of the friends and family who know the couple well. The organisers of the bash should also do a bit of research to determine what the favourite songs are of the husband and wife, so this can be relayed to the live band that will provide the much-needed atmosphere and jovial party mood! Don’t forget the romantic dance for the husband and wife to share on their own, with a slow dance number setting the tone.

If this is going to be a surprise golden wedding anniversary do, the challenge will be gathering photos that can be shown before dinner - documenting a lifetime of marriage. When paired with the right music, this can be a sentimental part of the evening that will certainly be one of the highlights for everyone. Hooking up a camcorder to the projector can be another novel idea for the anniversary program!

Just like the wedding itself all those decades ago, there will also be toasts and many a speech to be had. As you coordinate the scheduling of the event, make sure you ask close friends and family that know the couple well if they would be interested in getting up and saying a few words. This won’t be a daunting task - indeed, loved ones will be tripping over themselves to be congratulating the husband and wife on their special day!

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