I Am 13 Years Old. Am I A Child Or A Grown Up? Can I Still Play Games Or Am I Too Old?


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If you are thirteen, and you ask if you are a child or an adult, then you are still a child, darling!
There is time to grow up, this is the time when you will be able to enjoy your childhood, and play to your heart's content.
Even grown-ups play, you know!
At heart, we all remain children, no matter how grown up we become: even my grandmother likes to play a game of catch, or maybe a game of carroms with me, if she has the time!
Therefore, believe in yourself, and take your own time to grow up.
Enjoy your childhood while it lasts, it only lasts a short while!
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grace couch answered
Yes you are still a child but as far as playing games you are not to  old I still play games and I am a grown up.
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Dude, your never too old for games. As far as child or grown up....How about both. (I'm fourteen and that's what I consider myself.)
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Oh hell..I am over 40 and still love to play board games, quiz games, etc. It keeps my brain active.
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I just love how that rating "1" (thumbs up) seems to have a face to me... He likes your answer =D
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You can play games. I play games and I'm 17. And 13 is a very good age. I wish I was 13 again were life was much easier. Eh, enjoy it while you can kid.
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Your well on your way to being an adult but of course you can still play games. It's pity that so many people your age seem to want to grow up so quickly as they're missing out on having a lot of fun that young people can have without the worries of being an adult.

I think all adults should play some games! It would keep us young and lift our hearts. Most of us no matter how old enjoy games as we feel young inside.
Enjoy being part of the adult world in some ways but at thirteen don't be in a hurry to leave childhood behind and enjoy being thirteen - in that way you can get the best of both worlds and pick and choose! Don't rush to get all the responsibilities that adults have. I remember being thirteen many years ago and it was a good time and we still played a lot of games.
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Hi - don't think too much, do what you feel that you want to do. I am 29 years old.  I spend my day working in the morning ,in the afternoon I take a break  from every thing and go asleep ,at night I adore playing games or solving quizzes on the internet and it is not wrong because I first do  all my duties then go to play :  WHY NOT???
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13 years old is when socially speaking, you hit the teenage years.
But that doesn't mean you have to automatically give up playing games and act adult. I don't and I'm 16...!
Still be the same as you always were, if that's what makes you happy, don't change to suit what age you are. Just accept responsibility and be sensible and that's adult enough...x
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You are never too old to do anything so if there is something that you like you can  do it if you feel like it because no one can force  you to do something and they can't f=force you not to do it you just need to be  maturer than a kid because you are a teenager now
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Hi dear true friend. If you want to be young, you will be young even at the stage of 60s and if you think that you are old then, through the life you will be old. The mind of a person develops his personality. You have a lot of time dear.
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Hey true friend I'm 13 too you are still a kid but are growing up fast it really doesn't matter if you r a kid or an adult you can play games at an age just think of it this way age is just a number do what you can while you can.
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I'm 13 too but I still play little "baby" games like matching. But that's b/c I have a 3 year old brother. But hey, I have webkinz. Some people consider that babyish. I love it! It doesn't matter how old you are, it just matters that you don't tell anyone that you play baby games. Actually it all depends on what you like. If you enjoy games, then play games, if you don't then don't play games. Its all up to you.
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You're an adolescent, a teenager, not a grown up. Let me tell you something. I am 60 years old, and I still play games and do puzzles. I watch cartoons, and I carry a yo-yo and a clown nose with me wherever I go. You can do whatever is fun for you. Don't try to grow up any faster than you have to. Just enjoy your life. It's the only one you get.
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You're a pre adult and  even adults play games, so it's ok to still play games. You don't have to grow up all at once  - take life slow enjoy it ,good luck hopefully I was some help to you lol
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You are definitely a child. Age is basically just a number. Of course, you can play games.
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You are a cross between a child and an adult. This is called a teenager.Of course you can play games!:o) everyone plays games, even grownups. As a teenager, you can still like the same stuff as a child does, but you must be responsible, like an adult. I'm 13 too.
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bethany g
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you may not want any help from a 11 year old but hey your still growing you need to have fun do whatever!!
Glen McClure
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I'm 47 and i love to play games have fun
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I'm 13 i still play games they r fun so go ahead
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You are never too old!! Why did you thought of that?
You are third-teen and thats pretty young.
haha.. Am 16 and still play games
your never to old for anything. =]
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13-18 is teenager, 18 -21 is young adult, what kind of games are you talking about? Games are fun and should be enjoyed by all ages, as you get older , people tend to find less time in their lives for games, for work and families are very demanding. We should all try to find time to play no matter how old. It's when you play to much and loose sight of the future and your role in it is when you will get in trouble!
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In the context of today's complex society 13 is too young to hold full-time employment and support yourself. In fact, it is still 1 to 3 years too young to hold a formal wage-paying job in most jurisdictions. However, it is generally a qualifying age at which your parents or guardians can leave you alone without their being liable for child neglect. It is considered a suitable age for a paid babysitter by parents of younger children. Early teenage sitters are sometimes preferred because they are still more familiar with the pastimes of younger children and sometimes they continue to enjoy those pastimes and play right along with the kids. You will phase out of your kid-like activities and take up adult behaviors as part of a years-long transition, at a pace that is comfortable for you.
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Age is only one part of what defines us. Granted, we need to obey the laws of the land and those to whom we are responsible to. But maturity is shown and appreciated by how we approach the boundaries we have in our lives. Everyone has boundaries. If your young, your family (parents) usually do a pretty good job of letting you know what those limits are. As you grow older and seemingly more independent, you should have been paying attention to the things that work and don't work in your life. And as you get older, that changes all the time.
Approaching matters of faith and commitment should have a child like openness. At the same time, experiential wisdom should be applied with matters relating to involvement that affects positively or negatively others.
Playing a game does not define your youthfulness - just remember what is a game and what is real life. Then you will show yourself to be growing up.
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13, that transitional age. You are almost an adult and more responsibilities are being placed on you. That does not mean that you can't still enjoy life. I am much older than that and still play all kids of games. Xbox360, PS2, online computer games, and would love to have friends that would play stuff like kick the can or hide n seek.
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Sure you can! You're 13!  You're a teenager older than me because I'm 10 but you can still play games.

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