Does any one know how to grow taller if you are a grown-up? I am 22 years old.


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At 22 it's most unlikely. 

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DNA works varied and on it's own. And the only thing that determine your height is your genetic which is also so random!

However there's plenty of things that someone can do to just be "hopeful" to help the process. Nothing for sure, such as nutrition and good control of lifestyle and some gym-yoga movements and such.

But those things also would work most likely below 20.

However, there's one point that huge percent of people not being informed of.

Human's hormonal development continues till 25. All the hormones complete on that line. So you can be hopeful and still having some time.

Hormones growth random. Someone is 17 years old but full of beard! Someone is 24 and no beard but in next two month suddenly their face blow up with hairs  .. .if you get what i mean.

I've seen so many growth examples closely between 20-23-25

My cousin, been 6 feet till 21 and he's 24 now and he's 6.5 now.

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I bought a pair of gravity boots for hanging upside down a few years ago.. All that accomplished was me getting stuck, upside down, in a doorframe. I've decided to be okay with my height and not risk cracking my skull.

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The Rack ... But I don't recommend it.

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Katherine Miller
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Could you be more specific?
Walt O'Reagun
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It's a medieval torture device ... where the victim is laid on a table, and ropes around their ankles and wrists are pulled in opposite directions ... ligaments are torn, bones pulled from their sockets ... but if the person survives, they ARE slightly taller.
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Doesn't looks like my first choice. But, thanks anyway.

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