Will Humans Ever Marry Robots?


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There have been inanimate silicone dolls around since the mid 90s for those interested in relations with non-organic people. Companies such as Real Doll in the US and Orient Industry Co in Japan have been selling such models for a number of years. However, although amateur some robot developers have been ‘upgrading’ their silicone lovers with AI software, there are no commercially available fully robotic lovers at the current time.

Author David Levy wrote in his 2007 book, Love & Sex With Robots, that marriage between humans and robots would be commonplace within 50 years – arguing that humans already anthropomorphise various inanimate objects so it would be no great leap – if a robot looked right and responded well – tom imagine that we should want to have long-term loving relationships with them.

One European researcher, Henrik Christensen of the European Robotics Research Network, announced in 2006 that ‘people are going to be having sex with robots within five years’.
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Although there have been advancements with the use of novel shape memory gels in the skin, internal motors and audio capabilities, an intelligent and responsive artificial lover has still not been created. The world’s leading designer of androids, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University, has spent years developing androids which move and look like real people – they breathe, blink and have human-like gestures. However, the androids are not designed as love dolls and their ‘brains’, sensors and power mechanisms are substantial and are all currently located externally as the systems are too large to fit inside the bodies.

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There are still several years of research and development before an autonomous lovebot would be commercially viable. Its worth noting that the adult entertainment industry has traditionally been a leader with adapting new technologies and there is little doubt that at some stage, these devices will come into being.
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Well even though they can create them to be like humans nothing will replace the real thing (you can't replace a beating heart and a personality for a robot) answer the question some idiot might to decide to marry one but the sane people will marry real people and also who wants to have a kid with a robot if that would eventually be an option
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I highly doubt this....why would someone marry a robot? I don't think they have feelings, that's just what I think. And, well, would you not want a real person with a beating heart?
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Wrong! I'm married to one now.
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Bbc had a special on life- like dolls that aired sometime last year go to bbc's site and find the info. The people who owned the dolls seem to be really treating the dolls like their mates.
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If recent history has taught us anything, it's that people will do anything for publicity, wacky marriage included. Michael Jackson married a woman and Dennis Rodman tried to marry himself. Marrying a robot is the next logical step.
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I think if the ai advances enough to true sentience then possibly but I still think its a little weird

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