What Do You If You Have No Prom Date?


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Go with your friends then dazzle people when you get there :P
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Well, a lot of people make the mistake of missing their high school prom only because they have no prom date. I do not think this is necessary. It is absolutely alright to go to the prom solo. You just need to dress your best and wear that attitude. A lot of boys may end up coming alone and you will probably meet someone there. If not, a lot of pairs break up due to what ever reason on the night of the prom. So, I don't think it's such a crisis. If this is not something you'd do. Ask people in school about people who do not have a prom date. You will definitely find someone.
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I did not have a prom date, and therefore did not go. I regret that because so many people talk about their proms with such fondness- even without dates! I had a dress and shoes and matching bag picked out (not bought) So go to your prom and enjoy. You never know you may meet "Mr right" there!
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Prom is tomorrow and im going with my friends because i asked them to go with me after i broke up with my nomatter what happends go to your prom and have fun and look sexy!!!
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That can be tough if you feel like everyone else has a date but not you. I guess it varies from school to school. At my frriend's school, everyone in her friendship group has a boyfriend/girlfriend, so they're all going together as couples. Just because she doesn't have a date, doesn't mean she will have tto stand by herself all night; her friends will still talk to her and its likely to be onoy a few slow songs that they want to be alone for, then they'll hang out as a group of friends.

At my school, virtually no-one is dating anyone, so everyone is going in groups of friends. Are you sure that everyone is going in couples? If they're not, then you don't neeed to worry about being the only one with a date :)

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Don't even bother with prom, at my school we have a much more fun tradition afterwards known as prom camping.... Everyone gets very drunk, and it's much more entertaining than sitting in a crowded gymnasium with a bunch of slack- jawed preps.

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