What Is Pornography?


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This word comes from the literal translation of the Greek of p+r+o+s+t+I+t+you+t+e and writing.  The goal is to produce arousal of a carnal nature.  It can be represented as novels, short stories, audio books, pamphlets, cartoons, movies or even video/computer games etc.

This type of material is usually aimed at men and supports traditional systems of male arousal.  More recently however, arousing items for and by women have become more popular, this no doubt encouraged by a broadening of female carnal attitudes in contemporary society.

The industry has an overall turn over worldwide of roughly ten billion dollars.  It is an amount that clearly represents the popularity and demand for such media.

Some have accused this type of material of producing aggressive behaviour and demeaning or objectified behaviour towards women.  However case studies in Japan, the country with the lowest figure for attacks on women in the world that it might be used to lower instances of crimes of this nature against women.

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