What are your thoughts on pornography?


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Being the age I am now, I don't think too much of it. Actually it's kind of boring. Same old stuff. Biggest problem I have with it is that because of the Internet, kids can be easily exposed to it and that;s just not right. Like it or hate it, kids shouldn't be exposed to it. Wish they could do more to control it to keep kids off those nasty sites.

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The problem with a question like this is that the only people likely to answer are those of us who don't make a habit of watching it, for whatever reason. To come out in favour of porn is to open yourself to judgement and criticism.

One of our Blurtit contributors once asked (on Ask) the difference between porn and erotica and I gave this answer:

The difference is one of subtlety.

Erotica -- whether art, literature or screen, is a gentle nudge at the libido. Porn is a sledge hammer blow. Erotica is like comedy that, because it is clever, draws gasps of mirth; porn is as phony as canned laughter.

Porn usually includes an element of illicit sex and is devoid of any meaningful emotions. It shocks because it crosses barriers. It's about cheating, swinging, multiple partners, cuckoldry, incest, BDSM, rape, and child abuse.

Erotica merely titillates.

Erotica and porn are not two sides of the same coin: they're two completely different coins. One is a currency you would use only in private with the curtains drawn; the other you could spend anywhere.

That sums it up for me. Porn is nasty and, like Rooster and Avatar, I deplore the way kids are exposed to it. But I'm still young enough to enjoy well turned-out erotica. >:-)

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Thank you Lady Sin. BTW if that was you asking about a particular identity the other day, I've managed to rule out your first option. The second one may be correct.
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it's bad because it gets addictive

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"It's too easy to get someone to take their clothes off. There shouldn't be this many people willing to let the entire world see them nude."

"Some women have nice butts. I usually watch it for the nice butts."

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To me, it's ok in moderation. It does seem that humans almost never go that route and the whole thing becomes a serious addition.

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