Is Pornography Dangerous?


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What can seem as a harmless way for men to blow off some sexual tension could also lead to women being objectified as objects of sexual satisfaction. It is also a highly addictive piece of material, people can easily associate the feelings that they have when self-playing with the pictures or movies that they are viewing.

Like all things, it is a matter of moderation. Men and women enjoy looking at bodies and it is slightly sickening that a man can marry in the UK at sixteen, go off to war at seventeen but can't watch two consulting adults having intercourse on film until he's eighteen, that's ridiculous.

It can be dangerous, and it can be a release valve, and its a personal choice as to whether you are get involved with it. Personally, I think it leads to people retreating from their real intimate life and that's dangerous to relationships current and future.
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jessie cuellar answered

Is a car dangerous? With some people, yes. With others, no. With some the threat is only in your head and with others, the problem is all to real. Porn isn't the problem. The viewer has the choice to make a problem about it.

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