Where Can Men Buy Cheap Lingerie For Themselves?


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I get most of mine from 99 cents stores. I would also check clearance racks and outlet stores. I have even seen panties at drug stores. There is an almost unlimited supply of panties and thongs.
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Besides clearance racks, which have already been mentioned, there are outlet and even thrift stores where one can buy cheap lingerie.
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I think you can buy the lingerie from WESTFOX UNDERWEAR factory ,they have what you want to buy .www.west-fox.com
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Real men don't wear lingerie! We were boxers and fruit of the loom. They only make lingerie for women.
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mek nic
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Now we know why they call it ' FRUITS OF THE LOOM' YOU HAVE TO BE A FRUIT TO WEAR THEM. Now lingerie and pantys thats why there is vanity fair, made for one but really teases the other and to see if they can resist the silky feeling and to give woman one more thing to tease men with.

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