What's The Age When You Can Cum?


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You can cum once you reach puberty. When you can do it because it feels really good:)
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I started cummin when I was 13. I am 17 now and I find different ways to do it all the time but I need more ideas text me ans chat about sex anytime. 256-307-8139
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So you are saying that you could make a child with 9 yr old  . Oh my god thats pervert discussing .
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I recently had health class usually at the ages between 12 somtimes younger depends since females were born with our eggs boys usual produce maybe mid puberty or early it depends.. Some do start late ***but if your 18 and can't ejaculate then etheir your having problems in your testes and need to get it check out or you wont be able to make babies....***
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You can cum when you are 15 years old
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I'm not to sure but I started around that time myself and I guess the best times that I came was inside somebody at the same time she did but the most satisfying thing to me is making a girl cum but I guess girls get the most satisfaction they cum in somebody's mouth lol at least from what ive seen

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