What Are The Disadvantages Of A Child Attending Nursery School?


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Bad influence off other children is the main point which someone else has already said but there is also exposure to diseases like conjunctivitis and may catch headlice etc.
But nursery schools are not as bad as we say, they are great and an advantage is that there are qualified teachers and childrens independence will improve as they are mixing with other children and being more socially involved.
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The only disadvantage I can think of is learning bad or aggressive behavior from other children.  You, as a parent, can teach your child that this kind of behavior is wrong and will not be tolerated if they start acting up.  Short timeouts usually work well.  There are many advantages of nursery school such as learning the abc's, numbers, shapes, colors, etc. As well as learning to share and interact with other children so that when they start real school they will not be scared or intimidated since they will have gotten used to going to "school" already.  Just make sure that the nursery school you pick has a good reputation, always parents to drop by unannounced and that they are friendly and interact positively to children.  It should be a fun time for them and not a place to be yelled at or left to run wild.

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