How do you guys who live in the country handle it? (Please read description...)


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I am a city girl. Never been in the country or out in the wilderness. Never caught a fish or went hunting. I'm use to sounds of sirens and "fireworks," music, cars, etc. But this morning I heard the neighborhood dogs going crazy. Something wild was in the dark. For the first time I heard an animal get killed. Whatever it was, killed a cat. 😢 How do I get that haunting sound of this cats last cry out of my head?

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Awe. I'm sorry. How sad.
Perhaps you should let your neighbours know about what you heard. Gotta keep the neighbourhood pets safe.
Yin And Yang
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Sorry my friend. 😒 Fat fingers fumbled and hit the spam button.
Yes I started not realizing I did actually. Lol! Thank you for pointing this out my friend. ☺
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It'll pass.
It always passes. 
I've heard that sound too many times to even care now.
Although I would always help if I could 

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That's what I was thinking. Thank you my friend. It's a sound I don't wanna get use to that's for sure. I know the food chain, but have never been THAT close to it I guess. Lol! We've always kind of been friends with the food looking back on some of the pets we've had! 😅
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Awe Yin I’m so sorry!  It’s never a good sound hearing another animal get killed . I still cringe when I hear them fighting but it’s a part of life that I’ve always known about.

I read somewhere that some wild cat ( cougar) maybe has been spotted roaming around California neighborhoods. Is that your area?

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Same way but less intense than you.

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Very sorry to hear. The closest I've heard to that was the odd cat fight outside, but that doesn't end as bad as your situation. Whenever I see/hear something bad that I can't seem to forget, I just take my mind off of it by going out, or watching something. :-)

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I live in the City limits and we've had a groundhog living under the porch also we've had a Skunk that hangs out around here and will let off it's stink and were not far from wooded area that is a street above us where there are trees and that is where my little cousin caught her Lymes disease from the deer tick over there just from playing on the playground with her little cousins . It's been like 2 years since she got over the Lymes disease. But yes we got be careful cause the little wooded area not far from me cause there is wild animals over there.

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Well that is scary! I am so glad your cousin is okay now! ☺
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Thanks . Yeah there was suppose to be coyotes seen over there mind you we live in City limits and if they would cut some of the trees down and clear some of the wooded area i think we would be so much better. I went out one evening to take the garbage out and you could smell a skunk left off it's smell . Wow what thing to have to face . I don't know what's wrong with the Mayor he does nothing but people re-elect him to office. If you contact him on Facebook he does nothing or answer you back.

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