I was in my darkiest hour i was going to commit suicide if i didn't get heart sign of tingling tickle feeling in my heart from the LORD GOD two days later i got tingling tickle in my heart was it a sign or just a coincidence?


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God was with you telling you not to do it and now your safe.

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Okay see I don't like this one bit! First of all you say you were gonna kill yourself if God didn't do something YOU wanted when YOU wanted it!?!? WAAH! I'm not gonna breast feed you on this subject! Grow up. You can NOT tell God what to do. IF it be His will you know If your cousins "love" you then He will answer the prayer on His time, His way. Don't you dare put your committing suicide tendencies on God. OF COURSE HE WOULDN'T WANT YOU TO KILL YOURSELF! Here, I have a REAL answer from God to you... He says "SEEK SOME PROFESSIONAL HELP NOW!"

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Jaylene Meech
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The heart sign of tingling tickle from the LORD GOD happen because i had faith patience didn't expect waited for the sign not for threatening to commit suicide i knew it came from the LORD GOD until the internet said stuff to make me paranoid about the sign

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