How many sex toy stores are there in the USA?


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Try to google that question, but in my opinion, it's not so important at all. To my mind, watching adult movie is much better, than use sex toys. I think in such a movie it's even more important for actors to do everything naturally. My gf and I like to watch adult movies together on , we do this three or four times a month and it lightens up our sexual mood.

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Karl Sagan- Please don't spam this website , your links could contain Malware and Viruses . Plus you got a link that could lead to a adult website or adult in nature . There is younger people come on this site . Please do not spam this site!!!
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There are so many stores:) By the way what are your favorite, what toys do you prefer? I like such things and hot videos like from nudecelebvideos, there you can find even celebrities!;)

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I think there are many stores in the USА. You forgot about online shopping. Like this one top10s* I bought a v*brator there. I think a vibrator saves you from unprotected s*x. S*x toys helped to diversify my r*lationship with my husband. I think that's pretty cool.

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If you are asking about the exact quantity, it is hard to answer. But I agree with other members that nowadays we have a great possibility to buy such things online. Personally I did it for the first time not long ago, and I should say, I didn't know what to start with. Having surfed the Internet, I found a good source that provided me with all necessary information on the topic - Maybe someone will also find it useful!

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