Are sex toys illegal in India?


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Hah this question is right up my alley (omg that wasn't a pun!)

I plan to blog about sex toys and maybe ask companies to sell some through my website, so I was kind of hoping they wouldn't be illegal in various countries... But it turns out they are in India!

That doesn't mean people don't still use them, it's just that they are illegally imported and sold on the black market.

What's weird is that, if you research it, Indian culture used to be quite sexually liberal - they wrote the Karma Sutra after all!

I read that it's due to them being colonized so many times and other countries enforcing their culture and values that the lost that 'sex appeal'...

So actually Indian culture would have actually been one of the first to even use sex toys (they were called apadravya according to this article:

Instead, people can actually be arrested for owning them or trying to bring them into the country :(

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