People say i smell like nature, i love nature and I'm always outside and i think i do smell like leaves and grass but is it good or bad? I'm not sure weather its an insult or compliment


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Otis Campbell answered

I live south of houston nature stinks due to chemical plants

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PJ Stein answered

I couldn't tell you. I live in Florida. After a rain it an smell clean and fresh. After a hurricane with rotting debris and everything being wet you smell swamp gas. Swamp gas is primarily made of methane and it smells like a sewer. If I were you I would ask what they mean.

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Darik Majoren answered

Nature can have a musky earthy smell . . . Which is not terrible, and may very well be attractive scent to someone who has spent an abundance of time appreciating these scents . . . I find the smells of Wood and Leather to be pleasing smells and many of my colognes have these scents in them.

I think it's fine . . . Remember your pheromones are going to be the ones that do the talking in the end . . . Just remember to wear some deodorant if you've been sweating . . . A lesser percentage of people tend to like that "Natural Odor". 

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